Make the Bridal Garter Toss your own with these helpful ideas.

Make the Bridal Garter Toss your own with these helpful ideas.

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The Bridal garter Toss

The bridal garter toss has been a popular tradition in wedding receptions for many generations. The groom removes the garter from the bride’s right leg then tosses the garter to a group of single men attending the wedding reception. The bachelor who catches the garter is said to be the next to marry. The garter toss is typically done towards the end of the evening and often done along with the cake cutting and bouquet toss. The garter toss is a great way to add some fun to a reception but some couples find it a little old fashioned and too embarrassing so they opt to remove it altogether.

If you are planning to include the bridal garter toss, here are some tips and tricks for making it a fun and memorable part of your wedding reception. Remember it is not meant to be a preview of the Wedding Night so keep it clean so that all your guests will enjoy it and find it amusing rather than distasteful.

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1. Have the bride sit on a chair and if necessary sitting on an angle to the crowd. The garter should be low enough so the groom doesn’t have to lift the dress too high to find it- you want to keep this “clean”. Ensure that your MC or DJ is prepared to announce it and narrate as necessary.

2. The garter is typically worn on the mid thigh of the right leg. To make it easier to remove, push it closer to your knee before the groom removes it. If you would prefer to have a less risqué version of the garter toss, consider removing the garter yourself and giving it to the groom to toss.

3. Consider getting a garter set if you want to keep your garter as a memento. Most sets include a keepsake garter for the bride and a smaller tossing garter. Hint: Position toss garter below the keepsake garter on your leg to make it easier to remove and to ensure your new husband does not remove the wrong one and throw the one you want to keep.

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4. Get a themed or fun garter that your new husband will enjoy. For example, if your husband-to-be is a military man or a hunter, a Camouflage garter is a sexy surprise. If you can’t find and appropriate garter choose a plain garter and personalize it with a charm or bead. It can be stitched on with invisible thread and no one will know you customized it yourself. This is great option for Ring Pillows and Flower Girl Baskets as well.

5. If you are planning to incorporate the wedding rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” consider purchasing a blue garter, a garter with a blue charm, or a garter with blue writing.

6. Pocket garters are great for storing lipstick, handkerchiefs and other small items discreetly. Include an old penny for luck or even your wedding speech for safe keeping.

Have fun with your bridal garter toss. The more you enjoy it, the more your guests will enjoy it. Here are some fun ideas:

~If you’re concerned the single men will watch the tossed garter land on the floor and no one will pick it up; have some fun and include a prize for the one that does catch the garter. It can be as simple as a beer from the bar or something more extravagant like a bottle of liquor or tool set. Then, just toss the garter and watch the single men go crazy trying to catch it.

~Another option is to turn the bridal garter toss into a game for the bride a groom. Have the groom crawl across the floor acting as sexy as he can, if the bride likes what she sees he can go for the garter. If not, the bride shakes her head and the groomsmen drag the groom back to the beginning and he has to try again. This is a great way to start off the garter toss but will only work for grooms that like to have a little fun!

~Have an upbeat or sexy song playing during the garter toss. Not only will it attract attention and give guests time to gather, it will also create a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Have a great song cued up immediately after the bridal garter toss to keep the crowd on the dance floor.

Here are some popular song choices for the bridal garter toss:

~The “Mission Impossible” theme song
~’Hold My Hand’ by New Found Glory
~Hot Chocolate’s “you sexy thing”
~Tom Jones “You can leave your hat on”
~”Dirty” by Christina Aguilera
~”Lay your hands on me” by Bon Jovi
~Pink Panther” theme
~From Ferris Buelluer. “Oohhhhhh yeahhhhhh”

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Please submit your Favourite Garter Toss Song choices. We hope this can be a growing list.