This is a great centrepiece and favour idea in one. I made this one for my friend Kathy’s Birthday. I was having trouble thinking of an appropriate gift so I decided to take advantage of her love of Bounty Bars and make her a bouquet of them. When I saw my handiwork- I was convinced that it could work as a centrepiece. Here are the instructions- so easy that kids can help!

What you need:
-Vase with a stable base
-Wooden Skewers
-Hot Glue Gun
-12 Chocolate Bars
-Ribbon and Cello-wrap

How to do it:
-Using a line of hot glue, attach a skewer to each chocolate bar so that they stick out of the vase at the right height
-Wrap the skewer ends with decorative cellofane wrapping paper- I used blue to match the chocolate wrappers
-Carefully slip all the skewers into the vase and arrange to hide skewers
-Tie the entire vase with a big bow

Overall cost each was about $15. This is very inexpensive for a centrepiece and it also includes a treat for each guest at the table!

You can use these for a birthday party, shower or even a wedding. Consider mixing the types of chocolate bars or doing each table with a different kind. You could seat guests at the Twix table, the Crunchie table and the Mars Table. For a corporate event you could let guests seat themselves and choose their seat based on the Candy Bar of their choice. You could also attach a table number to a skewer and nestle it into the bouquet so that it can also serve as your Table Number Holder.