The seating chart is a very important part of the wedding planning process. These steps will help you get started:

~Start by drawing a floor plan of the reception hall. You should ask at the hall because they may have one already designed.

Floor Plan for Wedding Tables

~Remember to include space for a dance floor, DJ, Cake Table and sound system. You will also want the head table to be visible from as many seats as possible as well as ensure that there is a clear path to the bar, rest rooms and exits.

~Choose an easily visible location for the head table

~Decide what size tables you want to use and how many people can be comfortable seated at them. This many be determined by the tables that are included in your hall rental or catering package.

~Once you have laid out the basic floor plan you need to decide who sits where. There are several different ways to do this arranging. You can seat guests by age, interest, social groups or family. Guests will normally have a more enjoyable evening if they are seated with people that they know or share a common interest.

~The head table should be placed at a central location with high visibility. The Bride and Groom are generally seated in the centre with the Maid of Honour on the Bride’s left side and the Best Man on the Groom’s Right side. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen can be seated in an alternating pattern or with the bridesmaids all together on one side and the groomsmen on the other end of the table.

~Parents, grandparents and siblings are usually seated at one table close to the head table. Depending on the numbers, you can combine your families into one table or have one for the Bride’s family and another for the Groom’s. In large families, you may have multiple family tables. If either set of parents are divorced, consider mixing the families and separating the family tables. You know the dynamics of your families and can best decide what will work the best for everyone involved.

~Your guests should find a seating chart or placecards as they enter the reception hall. This will direct them to their table or seat. Some couples select the table placement and allow guests to choose their seat at that table. If you want guests to be seated at a specific seat you should be sure to have each name clearly marked with a placecard holder so they can easily find it themselves.

Eiffel Tower Place card Holder

A little bit of planning will ensure that things will go smoothly for you and your guests.