Emily Post’s list of Anniversary Gifts

It was in 1922 that Emily Post published her list of suggested anniversary gifts. Her original list only includes first, fifth, tenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversary suggestions. In 1957, Ms Post expanded her list to include all anniversaries from 1-15 and then every 5th after that.

The gift list has not changed significantly in the past 50 years. As evidenced in the list below, earlier anniversary gifts are inexpensive and practical. In later years- the gifts grow in cost and significance.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts
3rd- Leather
4th- Fruit/Flowers
5th- Wood
6th- Sugar/Candy
7th-Wool or Copper
8th- Bronze/Pottery
11th- Steel
12th- Silk/Linen
13th- Lace
14th- Ivory
15th- Crystal
20th- China
35th- Coral
40th- Ruby
45th- Sapphire
50th- Gold
55th- Emerald
75th- Diamond

Modern Anniversary Gifts
1st- Clocks
2nd- China
3rd- Linen
4th- Electrical Appliances
5th- Silverware
6th- Wood
7th- Desk Set
8th- Linens/Lace
9th- Leather
10th-Diamond Jewellery
11th- Fashion Jewellery
12th- Pearl or Coloured Gems
13th- Textile/Fur
14th- Gold Jewellery
15th- Watches
20th- Platinum
25th- Sterling Silver
30th- Diamond
35th- Jade
40th- Ruby
45th- Sapphire
50th- Gold
55th- Emerald
75th- Diamond

Whether giving a token gift of paper (1st), wood (5th), iron (6th) or tin (10th), or a more luxurious traditional anniversary gift of silver (25th), gold (50th) or a diamond (60th), acknowledging a couple’s milestone anniversary is what really matters.

10th Anniversary Gift Idea:
It can also be used as a guide for a special gift for a woman who has everything from her husband. For example- there is less pressure to find one perfect gift for a 10th anniversary if you give one appropriate item from each year.
Year One is Paper- special stationery or a book
Year Two is Cotton- a nice shirt or blanket
Year Three is Leather- a belt
Years 4-10 are Flowers, Wood, Candy, Bronze, Pottery and Tin. Think of a small and meaningful token gift for each year. Chances are that she will appreciate the thought and love invested in this gift more than a single large gift.