Chinese Food Cartons

You are only limited by your imagination!


We love these Asian inspired Takeout Boxes. We started brainstorming and came up with some interesting ideas to help you incorporate this simple box into your wedding event.

Top 10 Ways to use the Takeout Box

~Homemade Snacks- Is there a favourite family recipe that you want to share with your guests? Start whipping up batches and pack it in these boxes. They can be decorated to match your colour scheme and your guests will not be able to resist cracking them open on the way home.

~Wedding Cake- After the cake is cut you can package it up. There is always so much food at a wedding that the cake is often overlooked. This way guests can take the cake to be enjoyed the following day. Their kids will thank you!

~Inviting children to your wedding? This is a great idea that the kids and their parents will appreciate. Fill a medium to large sized takeout box with items that are sure to entertain. Candies, crayons, cars, dolls, stickers, notepads, bubbles and other little surprises will keep your small guests entertained and happy. Kids will have fun discovering the treasures and will enjoy decorating their own boxes.

~Destination Wedding Care Packages- Prepare one for each guest. Suncreen, lip balm, moisturizer and a handkerchief are all welcome gifts for fun in the sun.

~Candies or Chocolates- Choose your favourite sweet treat and pack them up for your guests. Boxes can be decorated to coordinate with your theme and colour scheme. We offer a variety of sizes so be sure to choose your treat before choosing the box! The 8 oz size is also appropriate for a candy buffet.

~Favours- Have you chosen a favour that you love but doesn’t suit your place settings? You can package them all up in these sleek white boxes and stack them on a table at the entry way or figure out a way to incorporate them into a centrepiece.

~Make your own planting kit- Include soil, seeds and a small pot. This is a great option for a couple who enjoy gardening or are having a spring wedding. Sunflowers, wildflowers, daisies, herbs and vegetables make interesting options. Be sure to include planting instructions.

~Assemble your own Hot Chocolate for Two- Buy some clear zippered bags to fill with mini-marshmallows and hot chocolate mix. Save money by buying in bulk and repackaging it yourself. For an extra special touch you could include an individual bottle of Irish Cream or Peppermint Schnappes. Decorate it up with ice blue ribbons and snowflake stickers for a winter wedding. Guests will love this favour!

~Bridesmaid Survival Kits- It is your turn to take care of your girls!! They have been running around for you for months. Fill a box with breath mints, hand sanitizer, blotting papers, travel deodorant, gum, bandages (for blisters) and a travel toothbrush with toothpaste. Add a heartfelt note of thanks and place them at their seat at the head table.

~Welcome Pack for out-of-town guests- Have these ready and waiting in the guest room or hotel room. Include phone numbers, hand cream, brochures for local attractions and locally produced gifts such as a candle or maple syrup. Just a little “thank you” for those who made the effort to come see you on your big day.

These are just some of the ideas we came up with. I am sure you can think of many more. Good luck with your wedding and send us pictures of the great ways you chose to use these.