If you are looking for a great alternative to a guestbook for a winter or Christmas themed wedding I came across a few ideas.

The first idea is to have guests sign plain coloured Christmas ball decorations and then hang them on a Christmas tree. You can use ornaments in different sizes and colours to co-ordinate with your event or overall theme. Plain coloured balls work the best for signatures but you can also use already decorated balls or decorations on the tree to add extra flair or colour.

Ask guests to sign their best wishes and advice on the Christmas decorations using permanent markers in silver, white, gold, black or any other colour scheme. Make sure you test the colours first to ensure you can read the messages later.

Another option is to use clear Christmas balls and have guests write their best wishes on pieces of colourful paper and put them inside the clear ball. Add some decorative snow and colourful ribbon to the Christmas decoration. This will help tie-in any wedding or event colours.

The third option is to have guests leave messages on little gift tags that can be attached to decorated Christmas balls. Leave coloured ribbon and festive coloured pens for guests and have them decorate the balls before they are hung on the tree.

The Christmas tree can be part of the room decor. Have the tree partly decorated with garland, lights and other ornaments and then guests can take turns decorating, signing the balls and hanging them on the tree. Wedding gifts could also be placed under the tree!

After the reception the decorated balls can be taken down and tucked away for safe keeping. Every Christmas the newlyweds can hang the decorated balls on their tree and remember all the fun messages from their wedding day!

Christmas balls also make great wedding favours! Write Christmas wishes or special Thank You Messages on a decorated ball for each guest to take home. Place each ball in a clear plastic box and wrap with a festive ribbon. This will make a perfect memento from your Christmas or winter wedding.