One of our favourite new products this year has been the CHEEKY UMBRELLAS.  These umbrellas are high quality just cheeky enough!  Designs include:

  • I prefer Umbrellas in my cocktails
  • I sizzle in the Drizzle
  • Rains doesn’t dare mess my Hair
  • This is Shopping Weather
  • I need a Coffee
  • When does is start raining Men?
  • It’s Raining it’s Pouring, other umbrellas are Boring!
  • I’m not late, I’m Rain Delayed

We decided to send one to Aruba with Trish Roberts of Custom Concept Photography.  She was shooting a beautiful destination wedding and was able to capture these stunning images of the Cheeky Umbrellas in use.  Visit  (Custom Concept Photography Blog)  to see more of their fantastic memory-capturing images.   Thanks to Trish and Trevor for letting us use the photos.

Destination Wedding Arub- Photo Shoot

Thanks to Custom Concept Photography for the images

Consider taking a beautiful cheeky umbrella with you on your destination wedding.  Serves to protect you for the hot tropical sun or the occasional rain shower.

Cheeky Umbrella-Long Style

Cheeky Umbrella – Compact Style

Cheeky Umbrella- Compact Style

Warning: I Splash!

Cheeky Umbrella- Kid’s Designs

These make a fabulous gift for all occasions.  The solid construction, bright colours, beautiful graphic designs and functionality make Cheeky Umbrellas a go-to gift for women of all ages.