You will want to have a few minutes of games planned when you are hosting a Bridal Shower.  They serve to break the ice and help guests get acquainted with one another.  They also provide you with time to greet arriving guests, refresh drinks and assemble last-minute hosting details.

~Name that Advice- Write the bride and grooms names down sheets of paper and invite guests to offer marriage advice that begins with each letter.  Collect the answers and ask the bride to read aloud some highlights.

~Honeymoon Blackout- Fill a suitcase with funny, outdated and x-tra large clothing.  Blindfold the bride and hand her the suitcase, explaining that there was a blackout and she must dress quickly for dinner.  Be sure to have a camera on hand to record the hilarity.  Only do this activity if the bride (and the guests) would appreciate it and find it funny.  Not all personalities will enjoy it and not all settings would be appropriate!

~Apron Game- Buy an apron and pin a variety of items to it.  Eg: Kitchen tools, utensils, gadgets etc.  The bride wears the apron and circles the room several times.  She leaves the room and the guests try to write down as many items as possible.  Award a prize to the winner and invite the bride to keep the apron and the attached gadgets.  This is good for a young bride who still lives at home and has never set up a kitchen of her own.

~The Alphabet Game- Wedding Style- Divide your guests into groups and give them a sheet of paper with the alphabet written down the margin.  Have the teams write down a word associated with a weddding that begins with each letter.  Eg. A for Alcohol, B for Bridesmaids.  To tally the score each team reads out their answer and if they match another teams- that answer does not receive a point.  All unique answers receive a point.  This is much like the board game of Scattergories and is a great clean game for a mixed- age group.

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