Frequently asked Question

What is the sand ceremony?

The Sand Ceremony is a re-invention of the Unity Candle Ceremony. The joining or two lives is symbolized with sand instead of the flame. Just as the candles become a single flame, the grains of sand cannot be separated.

What are the benefits of a Sand Ceremony?

It is a great way to incorporate your family dynamics into a meaningful and inclusive memento. You can add as many different sand colours as you need. You can incorporate your families, faith and children into the ceremony. It is especially significant for blended families- allow each child to choose their own sand colour and they will always know which layer represents them. Your Officiant or Pastor should be able to help you design a meaningful ceremony.

How to choose Sand Colours

Some couples choose their wedding colours, others choose based on birthstones, personalities, favourite sport teams or even décor taste. The sand ceremony is only seen at the wedding for a few minutes but it will be enjoyed in your home for many years.