Pet Lover Wedding

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For many couples, their pet is considered part of the family and so they choose to include their furry friends in the big day.  Here are a few tips that will help you include your pets in  your wedding day in a meaningful way.

~It may be a simple as having a friend pick up the dog and bring him just in time for some photographs with your wedding party.  After a brief photo shoot he is shuttled back home.   This is not likely a good idea for an animal that is nervous or unsure around large crowds.  It is difficult enough for a photographer to get all the people arranged properly without an uncooperative pet being thrown into the mix.

~If your dog is really not ready for the crowds, you could opt for including him in the engagement photos or the photos taken before the ceremony as the bridal party gets ready.  This way the dog will show up in the wedding album without the inconvenience of keeping him happy and safe on the big day.

~It is much simpler and natural to incorporate a pet into an outdoor or backyard wedding.  Many venues will not even allow pets.  Some venues are more pet friendly than others so check with your location before making any plans to include your pet.

~Some people choose to have their dog serve as the ring bearer.  A ribbon can be tied around the ring and attached to the dog’s collar or a dog ring pillow can be worn by your furry friend.  You should practise your commands ahead of time and choose someone who likes the dog to handle him during the ceremony. If you don’t think that the dog can be trusted to walk down the aisle and relinquish the ring you may want to have a bridesmaid or groomsman take him on a leash.  A few trips to a dog trainer may help you prepare your pooch for his grand entrance.

~The last thing you want on your wedding day is the pain and stress of a lost pet.  Be extra cautious about using a leash and keeping a close eye on your furry friend.  The stress of crowds and a strange environment could cause your pet to bolt.

~Also be sure to remember a favourite toy, food, water and a bowl, maybe even their bed.  Make sure your animal has plenty of water and shade.  Like your human guests, he too can wilt fast in a hot summer wedding.

~You know your pet better than anyone else.  Some animals are placid enough to spend the entire day with the guests. More high-strung animals could wreak havoc on your wedding plans and your guests.  Only expect what is reasonable from your pet.  You know how your pets and guests will respond to one another and the stresses of the day- consider all these factors when assigning your pet a role in your big day.