The traditional guestbook was used to collect the names and addresses of guests so the newlyweds would have a finalized address book. When thank you notes were written, the couple had an updated address book as all the information was collected on-the-spot. Today, guestbook’s are used to collect best wishes, words of advice, and funny quotes from guests. This leaves couples looking for a personal and unique method, not only to collect these messages, but also to display them both at the wedding and in their homes. Below are a few alternative ideas that show what a little creativity can do:
Guestbook Frame Signing frame/Guestbook Frame
One popular option is to place an engagement photo of the couple in a frame surrounded by a white or ivory matte and have guests sign the matte. The frame becomes a great memento as it includes the names and best wishes of those who attended.
Guestbook Platter Guestbook platter
Another method is to have guests autograph a platter with a special pen to create a fun keepsake. Most come with detailed instructions on how to preserve your signatures and use for years to come. These platters are then used at future events such as a couple’s anniversary party.
Perfect Pair Jar Cookie jar and cards
Another modern twist on the traditional guestbook is this adorable ‘Perfect Pair’ Cookie Jar. Have guests write down their best wishes on some cards provided and then place them in the container. After the best wishes have been stored away, this container makes a great cookie jar!
Wishing Tree Wishing Tree
A stunning and truly unique idea! A willow branch was decorated with white orchids and cards attached with ribbon are left for guests to sign and place on the tree. This is a great idea for a spring wedding or if you’re looking for something untraditional!
Message in a Cylinder Message in a Cylinder
This is a great idea for couples who are trying to cut costs. The glass jar and decorations can be purchased at a local dollar store and cards can either be purchased or made. This idea is completely personalized and therefore can be decorated to fit into any theme or event!
Wishing Line Wishing Line
This is an adorable twist on the traditional guestbook and is very popular for baby showers or spring weddings. Novelty cards are left for guests to sign and then hung with small clothes pins on decorative ribbon.

With so many ways to collect the best wishes of your guests, the difficultly will be selecting which one!
Christine Rozon