DIY Favours
Do it yourself “DIY” favours are a great way to cut costs. You can buy some cheap packaging such as small favour boxes, truffle boxes, Chinese takeout boxes or organza bags and fill them with candy, chocolates or almonds. Decorate them to match your wedding theme with decorations and ribbons from a local dollar store. To personalize the favour – make up a small gift tag with your names and wedding date and attach it to your favour. Other ideas include homemade jars of jam, preserved fruit, honey, and dry cookie mixes that your guests can take home and make themselves. DIY gifts are better for smaller weddings unless you have a lot of help. You don’t want to be canning 300 jars of Grandma’s famous jam 2 weeks before the wedding!

Double Duty Gifts
Double duty gifts are a great way to save money. A great example is a picture frame: it can hold seating arrangements at the wedding and your guests can then take it home and put in their favorite photo. This saves you the cost of creating a seating chart and buying a favour. Want something a little different? Try our new coasters that have a spot for a photo! They can be used as a place holder to display seating arrangements, display a favorite photo after the wedding, and of course, are coasters!

Give One per Couple
There is no set ruling to giving a favour. Save a little money by giving one favour per couple or per family. This tends to be better for larger items or more valuable items.

Buy Discontinued Items
Many stores have sales and discontinue things year round, especially right before Christmas. A great way to save some cash is to purchase items that are being discontinued. Just make sure you buy enough for the wedding incase you have last minute additions to your guest list. You don’t want to be searching for a discontinued item last minute because Uncle John brought a guest.

Buy Items off-Season
Purchase your favours off-season. The store clerk is more likely to give you a discount on fall items in the winter and vise-a-versa. Also, try not to shop during peak wedding season which is from April to the end of September and sometimes into October. December is the best month to buy favours. Since most brides are thinking about the approaching Holiday Season and not their weddings, wedding stores often find themselves in a quiet period right before Christmas and New Years. This should give you a little bartering room with store clerks. Well…it never hurts to ask!

Happy Holidays,
Christine Rozon