This is a very common question. There is no set rule to giving a favour. It all depends on your budget, the overall theme of your wedding, and the item you would like to give. Here are some guidelines to help you.

One Favour given to each couple

  • Giving one item per couple is the most common method of giving favour. This method tends to be cheaper in the end. Save even more money by giving a favour that does double duty such as a picture frame. Use it as a place holder during the wedding, and then your guests can take it home and put their favorite picture in it.
  • This method also tends to be used for large or substantial keepsakes such as personalized items, coasters, bottle stoppers, and bottles of wine.

One Favour given to each person

  • This method is more popular for large budget weddings or when the favours are smaller or not a substantial. Use the favour as part of the table décor to cut down on decorating costs.
  • Use this method for small or edible items such as chocolates, candy, or almonds.

Different favours for men and women

  • This is a modern twist on giving a favour and happens to be my favorite. Give one item to the men and give a different item to the women. This method offers a great way to compromise when you can’t decide which item to give. Stick with your budget; you don’t have to give two large or substantial items.
  • This method is common when you would like to give an edible gift such as chocolates or almonds and a keepsake such as a bottle stopper or a set of coasters. Place the edible favour at the women’s place setting and the keepsake at the men’s place setting.
  • For single guests – either give them a favour depending on their gender or give the more substantial gift.

Other helpful hints:

Don’t forget to buy a couple extra for those last minute additions to the guest list. Also, send a favour with your thank you note to guests who sent a gift but couldn’t attend the wedding. It will make them feel appreciated even though they couldn’t be there on your special day.

Follow your budget and don’t forget that favours (and how to give them) are as individual as each wedding couple. It’s your way of saying thank you for being with us on our special day. Give something thoughtful and you can’t go wrong!