There are few options when it comes to giving a wedding favour. The choice is entirely up to the wedding couple but make sure you consider the overall theme, the atmosphere, and the number of guests when making your decision. Here are some different ideas and the pros and cons of each:

Option 1 – Leave the favours on a table near the entrance
Leaving small gifts near the entrance with a note stating “Please take one” was the more traditional method of leaving favours. However, I find that most guests end up leaving the event not realizing that they were suppose to take a gift. If you plan on leaving your wedding favours on a table near the door, make sure you ask your DJ or MC to let everyone know to take a gift on their way out as a “thank you” from the happy couple. Otherwise, you could end up with several favours left over.

Option 2 – Favours are given by the bride and groom
This can be a great option depending on the number of guests you have attending your wedding. One common method is to give the favours during the receiving line. This way, you can thank each guest personally for coming and your guests will feel “appreciated”.
Another option is for the newlyweds to go around during the evening and give the favours to their guests. This can be done during the dinner or once the dancing begins. Again, this is a great way to personally thank each guest, but some guests will be missed, some guests will have left already, and depending on how many guests you have at the wedding, you many not have enough time to see everyone and there may be some hurt feelings.

Option 3 – Leave the favours at the guest’s table
This is the method I recommend the most. Especially for large weddings where time is limited and the newlyweds cannot go around and personally thank all of their guests. This is a great option because not only are your guests more likely to remember to take the favours home with them, but you can use the favours as part of the table décor. Remember to attach a small “Thank you” tag with your names and wedding date as an added touch.

There are a few options when it comes to giving out wedding favours. The trick is to find the method that will work the best for your wedding. My recommendation…if you prefer to give them out yourselves, a receiving line is the best option. Otherwise, leave them on the guests’ tables with a small “thank you” tag attached. Your guests will still feel appreciated and you will be less likely to have to take the remaining favours home.