10 Aug

Mason Jars Wedding Decor

I LOVE Vintage Mason Jars (Crown, Corona, Ball and Beaver brands are most readily available in Canada). I have them all over my house; in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in my closet, in the sewing room and the Office. I have them filled with pencils, buttons, jewellery, cotton balls, marbles, thread, sand and shells, and a whole bunch of kitchen dried goods like rice and beans. I can’t resist them!

Some of them are very valuable- there is an elusive Left Facing Beaver jar that is worth a lot of cash (because it is rare) but many are easily and cheaply attainable at yard sales, thrift stores and granny’s basements. I grab them up for less than a quarter whenever I see them, even ones that are marked from the 1930s and 40s shouldn’t be more than a couple of bucks each. (I will show you a photo of the stash in my trunk later in this post! It might be a sickness) I expect you will pay more in cities than you would in rural areas. Many of the stashes of these are in old farmhouses, basements and barns.

I work in the Wedding industry and am always browsing catalogues, blogs and magazines for good ideas and was (not surprisingly) drawn to Mason Jar wedding decor. Here are some of my favourite examples.

Mason Jars Recycled Wedding Centerpiece simple candleholders

Simple Mason Jar candles line this wedding banquet table. It doesn’t get easier or more cost effective! Image found at www.weddingwindow.com

Wedding Flowers Mason Jars

Image- www.emmalinebride.com

Recycle Vintage Sealer Jars Mason Jar Vase

Image from www.fleustseattle.com

I made these for my Cousin’s wedding. I would use caution when using candles inside the old glass jars. There are horror stories of them exploding. New Jars would be safer.

Some of the vintage sealer jars have a nice aqua tint to them but most of the ones I come across are just clear glass. But that doesn’t mean we have to leave them like that! With just a few simple ingrediants and a tiny bit of patience you can turn the plain old Mason Jar (on the left) to the tinted one pictured on the right. Click on the image below to go the Tutorial – DIY Tinted Mason Jars

Wedding Decor - easy and inexpensive vases

Click image to go to Tutorial- Easy DIY Tinted Glass Jars

I have a weakness for vintage Sealer/Mason Jars

As promised- this is a peek into the trunk of my car at the moment. I coun’t pass these up at a thrift store and haven’t figured out a use for them yet!

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